Becoming a reality TV star can change a person — and for the cast of Bachelor Nation, that usually means a serious glo up from the days of their cast photo introductions. Though they may have thought they were prepped to step in front of the cameras, it's usually their transformations post-show that are even more dramatic. After all, we know what it takes to look like a Bachelor Nation contestant, and it includes no shortage of eyelash extensions, makeup makeovers, lasering, and even plastic surgery. Last year, more than one Bachelor in Paradise contestant showed up fresh off The Bachelor with a brand new boob job, ready to rock their bathing suits on the beach.

The Bachelor women aren't the only ones to make some changes. The men from The Bachelorette undergo some pretty serious glo ups themselves. You know what they say: Facial hair is the contouring of the men's beauty world. A new beard can totally change a face — and a new haircut can do wonders, too. Want to know who's had the most amazing glo ups of the franchise? Check out the gallery below to see how some of your favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants have changed since their first cast photo. Get ready for the most dramatic before-and-after photos yet.